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Cycling West's 2017 Event of the Year

"Joel Rackham and his crew have reinvigorated the the series and really improved the racing."
—Dave Iltis, Publisher, Cycling West Magazine

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"The Intermountain Cup will always be my favorite courses to race. National races are awesome, intense, and very exciting, but every time I line up for an I-CUP race, it feels like I'm coming home."

Nicole Tittensor
Jans Park City/Scott Bikes/Reynolds Cycling
Winner of Multiple I-Cup Races, XC National Championships Top-10 Finsher

"Out of all the racing series I've taken apart of around the world, the Intermountain Cup is one of the best. The competitive spirit surrounding the I-Cup races and the Utah mountain bike community makes me happy to be a part of every race I get to come to."

Robbie Squire
Felt - Assos
Winner of Multiple I-Cup X-Country Races

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