Everything you need to know for the day of:

Where to Park:

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Late Packet Pickup:

October 27, 2018

6:30- 7:30 AM- Late Registration and Packet Pickup

St. George Town Square
Corner of 100 S and Main St
St. George, UT

7:45 AM- Line up Starts. Coffee, Muffins & Hot Chocolate will be served
8am – Ride leaves
5pm – End of support

Rest stops:

We have a fully stocked Rest Stop roughly every 20 Miles!
These rest stops will have Restrooms, PB&J sandwiches, Fresh Fruits, Candy, Water and so on! Rest assured that we have your back!


A delicious lunch Will Be catered from 11:00 until 5:00 *more Details to follow as we line up quality vendors. We know that you will be hungry and we will be ready!


Q: What is the weather like in October?
A: The average high is in the low 80’s with a low in the lower 50’s. Mornings can be cool but it warms up fast. However, it is not uncommon for a day to reach well into the high 80’s or even stay in the 60’s so be sure to watch the weather.
Q: How many rest stops are on the course?
A: There are five stops for the 100-mile riders, four for the 75-mile riders, 3 for the 57-mile riders, and one for the 35-mile riders.
Q: Will there be sag vehicles on the course?
A: Yes, but it’s still a good idea to be prepared for any sort of breakdown.
Q: Is lunch provided?
A: Yes, in addition to the fully stocked rest stops, we will be providing a mini lunch at the third rest stop. There will also be a full lunch at the finish line.
Q: Is the course relatively flat?
A: The 35-mile route has a total elevation swing of 1,419 ft. There are no rated climbs on the course (The climb rating system goes from 1 to 5 with 5 being the easiest), so it’s a relatively easy ride.

A: The 57-mile route has a total elevation swing of 2,747 ft.

A: The 80-mile route has a total elevation swing of 4309 ft. There 3 rated climbs on the course. Somewhere after the 23rd mile, you’ll come to a level 5 climb where you ascend 200 ft. in just over 2 miles. Then you have a brief reprieve of 2 miles before the next climb—a level 4—where you’ll climb 382 vertical ft. in 4 miles. After the level 4, you’ll have an easy 1.5 miles before you come to the toughest climb on the route, a level 2 where you’ll ascend over 1,600 vertical ft. in 12 miles. Once you’ve conquered that you’re in for a treat! It’s all downhill from there—you’ll descend over 2,000 ft. during the final 30+ miles of your ride.

A: The 100-mile route has a total elevation swing of 6,810 ft. There are 4 rated climbs on the course. The first 33 miles are fairly easy. Then you come to a level 3 climb where you’ll ascend 600+ ft. over the next 6 miles. After that, your route merges with the 75 miles riders and you’ll face the level 5, level 4, & level 2 climbs mentioned above. After that, it’s the same long downgrade to your finish!